She left her home with a spring in her step.
Sparkling eyes, and a soul free from debt.
“A life of adventure awaits!” She proclaimed.
“What need is there for faith, with everything to gain?”

Thus she set out, her gait not unknown.
Her walk was of one, who had not seen the world.
She was but one of many, seeking out fame.
Another disbeliever in the man who has no name.

We thus follow this maiden, a beacon of light;
In a world where the day is trampled by night.
A splash of colour, in an ocean of grey;
The high tide is coming, be wary I say!

She walked many miles, composed and reserved.
Her bubble still intact, ideals still preserved.
As the sun rose higher, the morning still aged;
She raised her head high, matched her hardships with rage.

Her shoes were now worn, her dress hung in rags.
Life had invaded, her bubble showed cracks.
Yet she continued, on her mission to show;
Life is in your hands, and your hands alone.

As she trudged on, her eyes fell on water.
After months of pain, it was finally over.
She walked to the harbour, a smile on her face.
“This is my destiny, my preordained fate.”

Stepping on the ship, she was plagued by doubt.
“Is the risk ever worth it? To what can this amount?”
But the ship had set sail; there was no room for change;
She looked to the horizon and didn’t turn back again.

The vessel sailed on, only water in sight.
Nights turned to days, days turned to nights.
She began to forget, what it was to be alive.
Now an empty shell, carried by the tide.

One night she sat on deck, a salt veil on her face.
All her dreams lay broken, silent beneath the waves.
Suddenly the darkness, was broken by a light;
Thunder filled the silence, tearing through the night.

At the heart of this storm, she decided to talk;
After years of disbelief, to the being we call God.
She closed her eyes in silence, knelt down to the deck.
Drenched by the ocean, on an island fraught with death.

“If you be truly omnipresent, hear my petty plea;
I am young, I am good, I have much left to see.
My heart is young but honest, my intentions are pure,
If truly there be justice, you shall save my life for sure.”

She thus closed her eyes, gave her life unto faith;
At peace with herself, at peace with her fate.
A brief spark of life, lost beneath the waves.
(The lesson thus gleaned?)

Reality shall triumph, while innocence shall pay;
Faith is a game, for those with everything at stake.


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