A fragile little thing,

Is all that stands between;

What is, and what is seen.

Guarding what is out, trapping all within;

Permitting but a glance,

A haunting sight of sin.

A fragile thing you say;

Keeping lust at bay.

Enough to fill a heart with longing,

Driving it insane.

Screams and shouts but whispers;

To its hardened ears.

Fragile, yes. Yet strong enough,

To stand a flood of tears.

The outside beckons,

Sings a song to drag us underneath.

Our hearts desire bursts around us;

Pools around our feet.

Fragile, yes. Yet so strong;

Needn’t lift a finger.

All our strength lies powerless,

Discarded in a corner.

Crying out for mercy,

Begging for release.

From our grey confinement to a world where we may breathe.

Walls begin to close,

We shout until we can’t.

Yet the fragile holds its ground until it all turns dark.

Fragile you say? Think again.


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