It’s three in the morning.

The entire city is cocooned by a thick black blanket of wool.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of vows being broken in seedy motel rooms.

The silence is peppered with the occasional inebriated vagabond, sharing his sorrows with the world.

You and I sit on two opposite sides of the bed.

Orange strips of light kiss your face.

The darkness and light blend in a never ending dance.

We sit in silence, asphyxiated by the anticipation of what is to come.

Half of your face is hidden by the intrusive darkness.

I try in vain to read your eyes; the eyes which in the light of day pierce deep within my brain.

Will you run away? I wonder.

Will the sight of my shrivelled being repulse you?

Will you retch at the sight of me without my protective layers?

As I breathe in, I lay myself out for you to see.

Every undulation, every ridge is now exposed to your scrutiny.

Every vile thought, every petty emotion dances around me in synchronisation.

My worry knows no bounds.

Is my darkness too all-consuming?

Have I finally succeeded in driving you away?

The few inches between us are as vast as the ocean.

As the clock ticks by, men and women alike creep out into the newborn light.

The stench of deception permeating the dawn.

You reach out hesitantly in the dying darkness.

I crawl back, desperately covering myself with the shadows.

As you move towards me I am paralysed.

I shut my eyes preparing for the impact, an impact which never arrives.

You take me into your arms and I break down.

The light grows stronger around us.

As we embrace, a million unsaid words osmose through our skin.

As the light threatens to blind us, I open my eyes.

You are gone.

A ghost?

A figment of my imagination perhaps.

Whatever you may be, you are enough.

More than enough.


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