Orange the night, as I wait for you to come home;
Golden, the sound of the bell.
Green, her perfume, entwined with yours.
Black, my own personal hell.

Red, the colour of the trail her lips leave down your neck;
Maroon, her discarded halter dress.
Raven her hair, knots in the clutch of your palm;
White sheets, your love’s sole witness.

Ash, her face when her husband returns home;
Amber, the stench of his words.
White, her face as she cowers in his presence;
Purple, her arms lit up by the dawn.

Grey his childhood, a father that disappeared;
Blue, the mother who wept.
Umber, the men who occupied her time;
Scarlet, the blood he would crave.

Green, your eyes, dancing with laughter;
Red, the secrets they hide.
Yellow, the colour of our world as it seems;
Black, the shadow inside.


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