Just another night,
Warm bed, cold heart.
A city that slumbers;
My mind still at work.

Whirring away in the quiet,
conjuring it all;
My deepest darkest fears,
My most potent desires.

Sleep stands on my porch,
Prevented entry by your guards;
We call out to one another,
To no avail, alas.

My battalion of sheep,
An earnest effort no doubt.
Thwarted by none other,
Than that traitor, my mind.

I’ve tried it all,
From the practical to fantastical.
Read a medical journal,
Hold my breath and sing a hymn.

Insomnia you bastard,
My arch nemesis of old.
We stare each other in the eye,
I blink, you win. As always.

Your visits ever erratic,
Friday nights or Tuesdays.
You leave your mark as usual,
Empty orbs and sunken contours.

My old acquaintance,
My hospitality wears thin;
Your family must be worried,
It’s about time you left.

The morning light blinds me,
It burns right through my eyes.
Leaves a passage wide enough,
For you to return at night.

A minute left till the daylight crows,
My eyelids grow heavy at last.
A minute whole, of sweet escape,
Till reality brings me home.

As I scream into my head,
Out of the corner of my eye;
I see you pointing, cackling loud;
Rot in hell you bastard.


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