A boorish alarm intrudes on her travels,
She wakes with a start, her senses in shambles.
The thick morning fog, refuses to budge,
Her covers seduce, there’s no need to rush.

The shrill cry that woke her, indecent at best,
She sighs in resignation,”Oh give it a rest.”
A new day awaits, a clone in disguise;
She falls into step, feigning surprise.

An arduous walk to the glass on the wall,
Tell me she mocks, ‘The fairest of all’?
Her eyes fall on a form, an alien perhaps;
Dark eyes, pale cheeks, hair falling in strands.

She stares at this being, a child in surprise,
“Who are you?” she whispers, nobody replies.
A steaming hot shower, a cold glass of milk;
A dull grey ensemble, painstakingly picked.

She runs around the house, playing hide and seek,
A look at her watch, a sudden loud shriek.
She blends with the crowd, they push her along;
Going with the flow, never in the wrong.

A multitude of faces, some kind some harsh;
Each with a story, each a vivid past.
She bustles along, stops when she must;
Go says the light, stop says the world.

A million new voices, all gone by the hour,
An urge to just stop, to sit quiet and wonder.
Yet she goes on, a drop in the stream;
Flowing downhill, she falls at high-speed.

A monster of stone, dreary as the dawn,
A giant that beckons, its hunger grows strong.
A long line of faces, some strangers some known,
The same greetings shared, pleasantries thrown.

A crowded square box, no room left to breathe,
A silence so heavy it demands to be freed.
Same faces, same words, same How are you Joe’s.
She sits at her desk, same to deadline to close.

As the sun grows older so does her mind,
Restless but helpless a conundrum she hides.
More empty words given form on a screen,
More shallow orders, imperative to complete.

As the sky grows red, so do her eyes;
her back protests silently, her legs may have died.
Time to go home, not a single cheer heard;
All faces sullen, in the knowledge of their return.

A never ending circle, vicious in its banality;
It slowly constricts, circumscribing her sanity.
On the long walk home, a breeze takes her hand,
Thus they walk together, on the cold barren land.

Only silence to greet her, welcome back home;
What a long day it’s been, she laughs on her own.
A bed cold and empty, its largess overwhelms,
A view of the city, a fantastical realm.

The long for a voice, the touch of a hand,
Engulfs her whole being,driving her mad.
Her dreams of days past, haunt all her nights,
The darkness surrounds her, expects her to fight.

She closes her eyes, a childish act no doubt,
A shield to protect her, from the hanging storm clouds.
The storm rages on, she is safe in her shell;
A bubble of wonder, in her own private hell.

The daylight breaks, peeking through the blinds,
The storm has come and passed, she dares not open her eyes.
A song of beauty lures her, ” Come to me” it sings,
She takes a deep breath, ready to begin.

A boorish alarm intrudes on her travels,
She wakes with a start, her senses in shambles.
The thick morning fog refuses to budge,
Her covers seduce, there’s no need to rush.


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