Darling hold my hand,
The dark is looming fast,
I’ll be your broken lantern,
Casting shadows on your past.

Darling close your eyes,
There is but naught to see.
Let my touch be your guide,
Returning you home safely.

Darling let it surge,
Your heart can’t stand the strain.
I’ll hold you up, be your crutch;
Absolve you of your pain.

Darling I am yours,
As surely you are mine.
Your pain and light both ours to share,
As one we shun the night.

Darling don’t you fear,
For I’ve seen darkness too.
Everything I’ve gleaned is yours,
My past belongs to you.

Darling won’t you smile?
Your joy lights up the room.
Quenching my thirst for inner peace,
It makes my heart sing true.

Darling if you fall,
I’ll jump right in with you.
We’ll find our corner, paradise lost;
A field in eternal bloom.

Darling if you cry,
I’ll bottle every tear.
A sea of diamonds that remind,
Of a pain no longer near.

Darling every word,
Every drop of ink rings true.
You’ve been my marble pillar,
I’ll be the same for you.


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