Sirens wail, voices shout;
You sit oblivious to the world around
you, my love are broken yes,
Beyond repair? Take a guess.

An empty bottle lies in shards,
The cheap red wine stains this heart
Of yours, my friend; my shadow quiet.

It breaks my soul to see you so
Pale, as the moon hanging low.
As the lone wolf howls my love,
I lie beside you, leave at dusk.

That land of second chances,
That wily mistress entrances
Better men, than you my love; so breathe.

Every scar on your being love,
On the surface or covered up
By your smile, I sit and dream,
Of a land of plenty, green.

I sit here thus, your angel mortal,
Broken slightly, no need for the cordial
“Would you like a seat?”, past those formalities.

My angel wings of plastic,
Try in vain to fence your panic
Attacks, on your heart and being.
This isn’t reality you’re seeing
Love, my beautiful love;
This hotel room doesn’t become
Such a grand majestic being
Such as yourself my love,
Believe my eyes,
Have they ever lied?
Lie with me till the sun shall rise.


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