If you look close enough,
You’ll see her right there.
That girl in the crowd,
With her wind-blown hair.

Her eyes straight ahead,
She looks doesn’t see.
An ossified heart,
Protects all her dreams.

To call her a beauty,
Would be a far stretch;
Yet her eyes whisper words,
One can never forget.

A line of fickle lovers,
Hollow words in the breeze;
A trail of ruby blood,
Glistening on the sheets.

As she breathes in the night,
A fog cocoons her breath.
Lips of cherry wine,
Glass of words left unsaid.

She looks to the stars,
Through lashes so long;
They dance in her brown,
Sing an ethereal song.

As she looks to the sky,
A lone diamond glides down.
In its wake it leaves a trail,
Of the joys never found.

She looks at the people,
All the same yet somehow not.
Minds with undying hope,
Minds still searching for love.

She stares with a wonder,
Are they foolish or just blind?
In the darkness of the world,
How do they find light?

“It’s your glasses child.” A whisper,
She looks but never finds.
Who are you? She shouts,
She is given no reply.

As the night-end draws near,
She stands upon a ledge.
I have found my solution,
I can make it all end.

She looks to the heavens,
Prepares to say goodbye;
‘Twas on the brink of oblivion,
That she truly felt alive.

As tears obscure her vision,
As she steps towards the light;
A whisper tries to save her,
“Look the sun’s about to rise.”

And in a moment blinding,
Her whole being set alight,
The sun brought forth a brand new dawn,
An inferno slayed the night.

Her eyes in the new-born morning,
Hazel drenched in tears;
The beauty takes her breath away,
“You are welcome.” Someone whispers.


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