One morning as my eyes
Crusted over by dreams
Passed over the tarmac,
Glanced at the trees;

An anomaly stopped me,
Shock, gape in awe.
On the cold grey pavement,
I saw a bird walk.

It seemed more than fine,
Its wings tucked away.
At the peak of its youth,
Yet on the ground it chose to stay.

Perhaps sleep had misled me,
Such potent a wine.
Yet sleep in all its power,
Couldn’t possibly devise.

As I gazed at this oddity,
In its eyes I swear I saw
A longing for the skies,
Among its brothers to soar.

My mind with all its matter,
All the knowledge it had gained;
Tried its best to no avail,
I cursed my sleep addled brain.

As I watched our avian friend,
Maneuver through the crowd
The fluttering of a heart,
It sang to me so loud.

A conundrum overtook me,
Why walk when you could fly?
Ah to know the tongue of birds,
In its mind thus I could pry.

As it walked it looked above,
To the chalice of the sky;
To its mother, brother sister,
Yet it still refused to fly.

Tell me feathered one,
Are you flightless, do you mourn?
Does the dark encase your hearts desire,
From bathing in the sun?

I can see the fear of falling,
It looms behind your eyes;
Oh flightless bird to live is to fall,
You cannot refuse the skies.

Sing the song of generations past,
A tune to warm your soul;
Oh flightless bird the time has come,
Let your wings unfold.

Let the breeze lift your heart,
Let it mend your soul;
Oh frightened bird the time has come,
Flightless you shall be no more.


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