You play my heart,
Like a broken violin;
A heart rendering tune,
Forever reaching its crescendo.
With the greatest of care,
You pluck each string;
Each note resonates,
Travels fluid through my bones.

A war drum beats,
Life echoes down my spine;
A series of shocks,
Each louder than its precursor.
With reckless abandon,
You are branded as mine;
A primal longing proclaimed,
Heralded as my foolish saviour.

A haunting whisper,
Shrill in the newborn light;
A lingering composition,
Engrained on my tongue eternal.
A light breeze enough,
The airborne notes they fly;
Skimming over my skin,
They spark a flame almost feral.

You weave magic,
With your fingers never ending;
Tonic triads spell my name,
Pressing magic into each chord.
The great hall echoes,
Silent ovation forever resounding;
The curtain falls,
On a disjointed symphony unexplored.


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