I thought I should mention that I am not at all this bloodthirsty or vengeful in real life, also I do not think I could fashion a blade to save my life. This is merely a hypothetical character inspired  by a myriad of books, songs and movies.

Your words hurt,
More than you could know.
Rather it is the silence.
The all enveloping silence,
Cold incision the lack of words make.
I try in vain,
To harness steel
To fashion a blade deadly,
Deadlier than the venom you spit.
A blade,
To pierce your soul;
To draw the agony I have paid.
The debt you owe,
Can suck you dry
But I am merciful,
I can be satiated by your pain alone.
I labour away,
Miles underground in a light forsaken cavern.
A refuge for my vengeance,
Rusted cage keeping my demons at bay;
But not for long.
After an eternity at least,
I look up to the lone ray of light;
Trembling in the presence
Of a blade so sharp
A dagger to pierce through rock
My avenger,
My last hope for salvation.
I cradle my creation in my arms
At long last,
I shall undo your wrongs.
As I pace through the shadows
A ghost lit up by the moon
My dagger glinting
In the light of the stars.
I am not the only eager one it seems.
As I stand at your door
I make a vow,
I shall not tremble.
I shall not waver.
I shall take what was mine.
Undo the wrongs you embraced.
I creep through the silence,
The silence you have made;
The silence I intend to vanquish.
I reach your chambers,
And I look upon your face
So innocent in the night;
The shadows shielding your demons,
Shielding the claws
That ripped through my veins.
I raise my sabre,
It quivers in anticipation
Or is it just me?
In your last few moments
You are awoken
Your primal instincts raising the alarm.
As time slows down
I look into your eyes,
A momentary lapse of purpose
As memories engulf me whole.
But the sight of a mist
Lurking behind your mask,
Brings me back to the moment
Returns me to my quest.
As I bring down my companion
I have but one regret,
I should have made you suffer
Collected my heart with interest.


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