I stand upon a platform,
Watch the people passing by.
So many hopes,
So many dreams,
So many tears they cried.

Their faces looking down,
Eyes that dare not meet.
Lest one hello,
Cause inconvenience,
Drag them off their feet.

I stand and watch, a statue;
Marble lips that long.
Unblinking eyes,
A heart that beats,
Wings which fly no more.

I try in vain to shout,
Convince them of their folly.
To survive,
Is not to live,
They all must see so, surely.

I shout until my corrupted lungs,
Have no words to say.
Hear my cry,
Witness my pain,
Heed my warning I pray.

I am but one of you I whisper,
A speck among the crowd.
Invisible yes,
No more I decree,
From now I speak aloud.

A life lived not is such a shame,
Flowers left to waste.
So much beauty,
Potential brimming,
Discard it not in haste.

Words passed down for centuries,
Old wisdom must be true.
Your life indeed,
Given away,
Bartered for a spoon.


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