At the confluence
Of the sea and sky,
Where the labyrinth
Gives way to mirth,
Where my whispers float
Like a sin-free soul,
There we shall meet my love.

In a nested harbour
shielded from waves,
Where the night
Is cradled in the lap of stars;
Where a symphony is sung
By the tuneless devil,
There we shall leave our mark.

A Utopia of sorts
Where death dare not tread,
Where ameliorated souls
Fly in the sun,
Where a ballad of exaltation
Seeps through the air,
There we shall entwine as one.

A neglected haven
Still in bloom,
Where a hearts plea
Need not proclaim to the world,
Where a fleeting glance
Provides unfettered ecstasy,
There we shall build our hearth.

Our lullaby a harp,
A heart rendering soliloquy,
Where the sun is stained
With ruby-red;
Where ignominy and fear
Are bound, incarcerated,
There we shall vanquish griefs stead.

A treasury of proportions
Larger than Goliath,
Where your smile engulfs
My soul anew,
Where your gentle glance
Palliates my heart,
There our desires we shall pursue.

A paradise lost
Unearthed by desperation alone,
Where affluence determines
Not your worth,
Where unrestrained freedom
Caresses your cheek,
There we shall meet my love.


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