When my time comes
Shall I leave this earth
In a brilliant explosion
Of light and mirth?
Shall a flaming chariot
Cradle my soul
As I ascend the heavens
To joy forevermore?
Will my blazing spirit eyes,
Look down at my casing;
Pity the fear that
Engulfed my whole being.
Will the darkness of mortality
Seem but a waste?
In the brilliance of eternity
In the presence of grace.

Or will my demons
Rejoice at long last,
When my fear and trepidation
Draw forth on my past?
Will those blood-shot eyes
Hypnotize my soul
Will they gorge my lungs
With mountains of coal?
Will my being be burnt
As strangers watch on
Laughing and sneering
At the girl who was wrong.
Will each and every monster
That tormented my soul
Tease me, seduce me?
Till I can bear it no more.
Will every word of hope,
Be proved more false
Than the pledge of fickle lovers
Who leave by the dawn?
Will belief be ridiculed
In the face of reality
Will only those hearts made of stone
Cling onto their sanity?
Will those who saw life,
For the sham that it was
Be the ones to get away
while the innocent rot.
Why take a chance
When nothing is as it seems
Better safe than sorry
Better numb than aggrieved.


9 thoughts on “Doubts regarding death.

      1. The whole piece was excellent, but I especially liked the last four lines; it really showcases the emotional withdrawal we go through in fear of psychological pain/trauma.


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