In another dimension,
Perhaps you’d be mine.
Songs would be sung, of a love so divine.
A lifetime of laughter, of love pure and true;
A fairytale ending, awaiting us two.

In another dimension,
You’d be here by my side.
Reading the heavens and pondering life.
Who cares for satin, with a bed made of grass?
I’d enter my dreams, safe in your arms.

In another dimension,
Perhaps we would fly.
Fireworks around us, our souls would collide.
The song of the stars, echoing in our bones;
An infinite melody, we’d never be alone.

In another dimension,
Fate would be on our side.
Where every hello, would not mean goodbye.
A world built with laughter, where tears are a myth;
Where fear has no name, where nobody quits.

In another dimension,
You’d never fade away.
The light in your eyes would take my breath away.
With not a word spoken, you’d somehow say it all;
We’d reach our crescendo, but never have to fall.

In another dimension,
Where the waves kiss the shore.
A lifetime of worries is led to the door.
A canopy of green, speckled with gold;
Cold mother earth, telling stories of old.

In another dimension,
These words would be ghosts.
Constantly looming, but never would they grow.
You’d be more than a vision, flesh and warm blood.
Leaving my mind,we’d travel the Earth.


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