Don’t hide your tears my love,
My wonderful strong soul
Let them glisten in the newborn light
To mark the pain you’ve borne.

Don’t shy away from fear my darling
Or run far from the night
I’m by your side no matter what
With candles to cast light.

Don’t cover up your scars my love
On the surface or etched deep
Proclaim your strength to the world
Rise up on your feet.

Burn away those doubting demons
Monsters that plague your soul
Ignite them with your brilliance
Banish darkness from your whole.

Don’t think for but a moment love
That the strong never bend
That your trials and tribulations
Lie on the road to a dead-end.

Oh darling every teardrop
Only serves to show
The pain and fear you’ve bottled up
Forever plaguing your soul.

See yourself as you truly are
View the world through alien eyes
See your brilliance, your shining light
Don’t let it be a surprise.

For every broken, sleepless night
For every scarlet scar
You’ve brought a laugh, a smile perhaps
To the world both near and far.

So I request, as does the world
A chant from the populace
Embrace your darkness, embrace the light
Unveil your untrodden face.


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