The whirlwind of emotions creating havoc in my mind
Demand expression yet I continue to disappoint
The tidal wave of memories brought about by a single note
The fusillade of moments raining down on my door
Lie exhausted, spent as I stare back in silence
In the calm of the night as the innocent slumber
I sit here alone, at odds with the world
My inner turmoil in sharp contrast to the silence of the dark.

It is rather astonishing just how vast the ocean
That separates me from society, has grown over the years
I sit here thus, mouthing oaths in silence
Letting my lips trace the words of years past
Tasting the moments that constitute my whole.
Yet for all my anguish my arms lie limp at my sides
Unable to gesticulate what my voice cannot form
Unable to give freedom to the prisoners of my mind.

I wait here in silence for the storm to pass
Though I know my respite will be a temporary arrangement
I bear the indignity of the rebukes of my mind
Lower my eyes and avert my gaze from the bitter truth
I prefer to numb my senses, douse them in gasoline
Let the flames overpower the ice that envelopes my song
I hum a tune never heard by earthly ear or soul
Only to forget the arrangement in the light of the sun.

The battle thus rages on in humble silence
A war cry ringing shrill in the dusty cavern
Seize the moment they cry, Let it go they reply
A valiant effort given by both parties yet not quite enough
Their dispute never entirely resolved,
Buried away in the dirt until a new wound is opened
As the blood comes trickling out, glistening in the glow of the heavens
A new song is composed, injected into old minds.

I must now offer my sincerest apologies for my severe digression
You must understand these words are the ramblings of a mind
Never quite sure of what it perceives.
It is a mind thrown to the pits of utter confusion
As it battles against both the new and the old.
Each second is nothing more, perhaps nothing less
Than a chance to remember what the mind must forget
As the new shines bright, almost bleaching the dark
The past hides its cracks with a blanket of warmth
As the new displays the spoils of which I may be victor
The old gives reminders of what I already hold
So I hope you can forgive the winding words given expression
For they were nothing more than the musings
Of a confused, lonely mind.


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