When the world overwhelms you
When your body aches, and your heart breaks
And you know you have it all
Yet you can’t stifle the pain
When you no longer know just who it is
That greets you every morning
With those heavy eyes, which once smiled
That face devoid of all life
Yet living, breathing, trudging
Through the muddy trenches, covered in soot
A gun at your side with no one to shoot
You fall in rank as you should,
Surrounded by comrades and choking smoke
With eyes that no longer care to see
Exactly where your feet fall
They sing a song to keep spirits up
Which only makes you want to scream
To tear out your lungs and forget the world
And surrender at last to sweet sleep
To no longer feel, or even dream
Happiness is but a myth,
A story told on quiet nights
When spirits are low and voices quiet
Yet on you march forlorn
Thoughts of leaving never gone
Surrounded by the strong
The ones that never falter
Make you question your very existence
Why you started in the first place
Haunted by an enigma,
A rather humble tempest
Raging in your mind, even as you hide
The demons swirling around inside
Wrecking walls, with wrecking balls
Only to build them up again.
You turn around and scream for help
With parched lungs bleached by the sun
There you have a helping hand
Make its way towards you
Only to turn and slap your face
Remind you this is not a race
For the weak or for the meek
For the kind that give their time
They are never repaid in kind.
The endless questions plague you
Worry your mind already in tatters
You’ve lost sight of all that matters
The harshness seems to hammer away
Bit by bit your being fades
A silent plea for help
As you slowly reach for death
Only to be brought back again
A toy for all the angry gods
The ones that never learned to love
Where are your friends you sometimes cry
The ones who stand by your side
Throughout the years
Through smiles and tears
The ones who take you in their arms
When you need them the most
Not the other way around
The friends you’ve known for years on end
Are only there to play pretend
So on you march
A lone soldier on strings
Forced to take what life can bring
On you march
A silent soul
Forever lonely, yet not alone.


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