Midnight velvet peppered with stars
A tale of million years sung
The cold moon hangs low,
Bathing the night
Softly embracing the lone wolf’s song
The tune is carried by chilling gusts
Ice cold daggers caressing your skin
A lone whisper floats down
No ears to grace
A tear drop lost in oceans black
Enveloped by the ghosts of fathoms deep
Its only friend, a haunting tune
Carried by winds for miles on end
A solitary note,
Lone guardian of the night
The faceless vigilante for those in need.
Then heaven descends, hell erupts
The cold,still silence set free at last
Fireworks entwine in a ghastly dance
Capturing dreams and senses alike
An explosion blinding
Sets fire to the sky
A tune ablaze in a symphony
All voices embrace, in a silence so loud
It threatens to shake
The very foundation of pain
An inferno unleashed
With power of proportions cosmic
Power enough to incinerate the dark
In a moment but, the darkness returns
All light sucked in by an unkown force
Giant shadows reborn,
Take back their throne
A lone wolf sings,
Reclaiming the night.


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