The sky reflected in pools of glass,
Changing colour as time flows on;
Stillness, silence, tranquility at last,
The gentlest zephyr composes a song.

Not a ripple to mar fragile reality,
Tear through the fabric of peace and calm;
You bathe in the glow of dream-like sanity,
Sun beams nuzzle the crook of your arms.

Yet something somewhere begins to unfurl,
Begins to rise in the faintest of shadows;
The golden sun dripping with scarlet blood,
Pierced by an army of rusted arrows.

Gentle mother earth now shows cracks,
The ground trembling beneath your feet;
In the blink of an eye Eden is gone,
Grotesque formations born in the heat.

Screams and shouts curdle the air,
The crystal clear water corrupted by blood;
Demons murder the angels who sang,
Their statues fall to the ground with a thud.

“Viva La Anarquía”, the shadows they cry,
The laughter of savages drown out the birds;
A throne of thorns perched high in the sky,
A battle for supremacy rages below.

Paradise lost to the clutches of evil,
Goodness averting its gaze filled with pity;
Blood shot eyes trained on all that is seen,
Its gaze filled with lust permeated with greed.

Sacrosanctity becomes a fool’s joke,
Words lose all meaning, insanity grows.
Hear ye, Hear ye the sparrows proclaim,
Green-grass grows in clumps on the poor monks head.
Broken rocks sing from their bed in the earth,
Chop off your heads for our evening soup.

You sit in the corner with eyes glazed over,
“Viva La Anarquía”, Say it thrice and repeat.


6 thoughts on “Viva La Anarquía

    1. Well, it basically represents the descent into complete insanity and disarray. Towards the beginning you’ll see there’s a definite rhyming pattern while as we near the end everything become muddled, things don’t make sense. That’s basically all I meant. I know the ending seems a little off but I only wrote it to bring out how nothing makes sense after crossing over the edge.

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