We never really said goodbye,
Which gives me hope,
That perhaps in time there will come a day,
When our eyes shall meet,
Old words shall be recalled.
Years may have passed,
Since those fleeting days,
Of blinding happiness,
And the heartbreak of youth.
In that time apart however,
We will have changed.
Found some answers,
Been plagued by a million new doubts.
New marks will have been engraved,
A reminder on our skin.
Time’s very own stamp,
Making its presence felt.
Like we wouldn’t have felt it otherwise.
New melodies will remind us,
Of new faces and new heartbreak.
New words will act as daggers,
Ice cold needles in our hearts.
Yet somehow I know,
You’ll look the same,
And that you’ll know my face,
Even if it’s lost in the crowd.

Even if the world seems harsh,
And time gets the best of you,
No matter how hard you try.
You may feel like a petty pawn,
A plaything in the hands of sadistic gods.
Know that this,
Perhaps was for the best.
Perhaps the constellations have in store,
Much greater things,
Than our petty mortal minds could ever comprehend.
Bear this in mind,
When the shadows creep up.
When the echoing silence,
Threatens to swallow you whole.
I will always be there,
A friendly memory.
To cross you over to the dawn.
A smile on my face,
When the sunlight kisses yours.
So close your eyes,
And smile for the waves that wash over your toes.
Smile for the laughter,
That your future has in store.
Smile, as you let go,
But also hold on.
Smile for the day, we will meet again.


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