Do you ever miss something,
Without quite knowing what it is.
Even hidden behind its misty veil however,
It enslaves you in your entirety,
Until this longing consumes you,
Engulfs you in its glowing arms.
You are thus suspended in limbo,
With no light at the end of the tunnel.
Confusion threatens to shut down your mind,
Or rather make you plead for the end.
Your lips wide apart, swallowing the silence.
A storm rages on, with only one casualty.
You are left a bawling infant,
A stranger to harsh reality.
A stranger to the silence that meets your pleas.
Alone at the heart of the tempest,
A desolate isle of silence,
With nothing but empty words as your allies.
Devoid of life, inhabited by ghosts.
Faded imprints of what could have been.
They whisper in your ears,
A soft murmur slowly rising,
Rising until a tidal wave drags you down again,
Squeezing out every drop of life,
From your jaded, battle-worn lungs.
They tell you heart-warming tales,
Of a land not unlike your own.
Inhabited by characters,
That bear a striking resemblance to your own.
This tale however treads a different path,
A path of green and plenty,
A path lit by the sunlight that shunned yours.
It shows thinly veiled contempt,
For the one you call your own.
This tale thus leaves you with an empty cavity,
Bore into your mind,
Filled with silence and echoes,
And ghostly images of what was never yours.
Saudade, you sing,
As you raise a toast to what never was.


10 thoughts on “Saudade

  1. Excellent… I would have read it half an hour earlier had I not decided to look up the title. It took wikipedia 3543 words to try and explain it and then you managed to do a much better job than wikipedia and it only took you 260 words. Perhaps you should start your own alternative wikipedia, I could count words for you… I’m really good at it.
    ps – I didn’t really count the words I just copied and pasted it into a website that did it for me. You used 18 sentences and 395 syllables and… Ok I’ll stop now.
    Wonderful poem, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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