Thank you depression,
For making the darkest nights even darker.
For covering the starry night sky with a dirty black shroud.
For dousing every flame, that had ever dared to burn in my feeble broken heart.
Thank you, for murdering the light.

Thank you depression,
For pushing away the ones I love.
Leaving me silently screaming for them to return.
For rendering me a lifeless corpse,
Night after night wracked with dry sobs.
Thank you, for killing all hope.

Thank you depression,
For leaving me with no apparent choice,
Other than the sweet release only a grim black figure could provide.
For making me wish for oblivion,
If only to avoid knowing the sun would never cease to rise,
Even if my world was in ruins.
Thank you, for blotting out life.

Thank you depression,
For stealing my light.
As it was in the darkness, that I realised the true worth of a candle.
Thank you,
For stealing my smile.
As drowning in tears made me see,
That to smile was to breathe.
Thank you,
For crushing my dreams.
As I stood on their rotting heap and built my new empire.
Thank you,
For breaking my heart.
As I joined together the shards with sparkling gold.
Thank you,
For trapping me in silence.
As I realised to be alone and lonely, were two very different things.
Thank you,
For leaving me abandoned.
As the weeds that filled my garden, are now burning in the night.
Thank you,
For showing me that my expectations were the only enemies standing in my way.
Thank you,
For showing me what it is to live,
When I was just about to die.


19 thoughts on “Thank you depression.

  1. Awe, that is sad, but on a very deep level incredibly beautiful as well. Your depression has given you one thing quite obvious to actually be thankful for and that is an incredible gift to write. God bless your soul.

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  2. The last two lines, brilliantly put πŸ™‚ also it takes courage to accept and declare that you have been through depression. I am not saying it is difficult to confess about it because of the way the society reacts to the issue due to lack of ignorance, but it takes time to overcome our personal fear.
    The “why me?” Question haunts several times before the reality dawns on us and we find a way out, more confident, bruised but better πŸ™‚ kudos

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  3. This is beautiful! I was just thinking today that I’m coming out on the other side of depression… and it has given me gifts. I wouldn’t be the person I am without it. You can only see the stars at night πŸ˜‰

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