I open my eyes, and I see her sitting there.
Eyes glowing, legs crossed, a wild mane gently fluttering in an invisible breeze.
Laughter plays across her lips.
Tinkling bells in the morning light.
“I’m invincible! Can’t you see?”
She glides across the room, lost in a glorious vision.
The world is in my hands.
She twirls, dancing to an unheard melody.
I swear I could fly!
She looks at me, her eyes sparkling with the excitement of a child.
“I’m going to fly!”
She runs to the window, pulls apart the curtains.
She looks me in the eyes, “Watch me fly!”
I can do nothing but stare, intoxicated by the moment.
My judgement hazy in the brightness of her conviction.
Someone whispers at the back of my mind, “Do something.”
But I don’t.
And she jumps out.
Her laughter carried by the breeze.

I awake on the asphalt.
Initially all I feel is a slight discomfort in my back.
A sudden pain shoots down my spine and is gone within a second.
I slowly get up, balancing on my bloody elbows.
I see her next to me.
Her eyes are closed and her hair fans out around her on the pavement.
Almost like a pillow.
A strong wind begins to blow.
Much unlike the gentle breeze that exists in some distant memory.
The wind picks up, lightning cracks through the cloudless sky.
The sun seems to have disappeared.
A strong urge to touch her face overcomes me.
I reach out, only to recoil in fright as she opens her eyes.
She sits up and screams.
For what seems like an eternity.

She and I are now in my room.
It is three in the night and she is still screaming.
I blink and silence falls.
Suddenly, like the cold metal of a guillotine.
She walks up to me.
Looks at me with reddened eyes.
“How could you let me jump?” She whispers.
I do not reply.
“How could you let me jump?!” She shouts.
Once she has started, she doesn’t stop.
She shouts at me in the morning.
She shouts at me in my sleep
Her anger becomes my way of life.
Her insults become my creed.
I see the world differently.
I see it the way she wants me to.
Crawling with evil and pathetic insects.
Anger is my name, rage is who I am.
She makes me see what I could not before.
She shows me how pathetic I am.
She shows me how pathetic they all are.
I fume at the world and its pathetic ways.
My screams and hers soon mingle.
One long cry of sheer unadulterated anger tears through my throat.

The sun has just set.
The sky reflects the flames dancing in her eyes.
We sit together.
I am tired.
My throat aches and my mind stings.
She looks at me mockingly.
“Giving up so soon?”
Just like the rest of them.
I do not reply.
I can feel her anger seeping through the air.
Dirty brown waves approaching the broken shore.
I close my eyes.
Brace for the impact.
The waves wash over me, and she is gone.
I am gone.

I wake up to pouring rain.
Salty raindrops drench my clothes and flood the floor.
My body aches and I crave but one thing.
Quiet sobs reach my ears.
I slowly turn around to see her sitting there.
Alone in the corner.
Her bloodied hands cover her face as she cries.
Her hair is dripping salt water and falls around her face like black sea weed.
I walk towards her, wary.
As I kneel in front of her she looks up at me.
Her face glistening with her tears.
Her eyes red and her face swollen.
She breaks down into my arms.
I can do nothing but whisper false words of hope.
They come out bitter, refusing to leave my dry tongue.
All her fears come spilling out.
She tells me she’s not worth it.
She tells me nothing is worth it.
No matter what she does, it always returns.
The monster in the depths of the sea.
Tears dance around us, caressing our faces.
She tells me about her darkest fears.
She tells me about the monsters that visit her at night.
She tells me their names.
As she cries I cry with her.
“I can make it all end.” A silky voice whispers in the night.
She stops crying.
A faint glimmer of hope in her eyes.
“How?” She whispers.
“Just let go my darling.”
I hold her close, tell her not to listen.
She begins to struggle.
“Let me go.”
I know I cannot weaken.
I cradle her in my arms.
“It will all be okay.” I murmur.
Her tears drench my soaking clothes.
Weighing them down.
As the night goes by, the two of us slip into unconsciousness.
Not sleep.
This is merely a state of unknowing.
When I wake up,
There is silence.
And she is gone.


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