You are not welcome
In the crumbling excuse
I parade as my home.
You are not welcome
To pilfer my belongings and
Burn my settlements to the ground.
You are not welcome
To make yourself at home
And slowly run your blade
Through my translucent skin
Cutting a smile that I am
Forced to wear every day of my life.
You are not welcome
To steal my breaths and leave me
Clutching on to life
Closing my eyes to avoid
Looking at the monster that
Smiles with its burning eyes
Of coal from a corner of my room.
You are not welcome
To take me for every fibre
Of who I was once was,
To leave me hollow and writhing
In the coarse ropes you
Bind me up in every time you visit.
You are not welcome
To lure words from my mouth
That are seeped in a poison
I was once a stranger to.
You are not welcome,
To make me doubt my own sanity
To make me believe that the
Home I deserve is in the
Dingy ward of some unfeeling
Billionare’s magnanimous project.
You are not welcome
To throw daggers at the
Ones I love until
Their blood threatens to
Choke me in my sleep.
You are not welcome
To put demons in my dreams,
That clutch at my throat and
Wake me up night after
Sleepless night as I struggle
To keep my wits about me,
When the sun threatens
To burn my hallucinating mind.
You are not welcome
To invite death into my home
Patiently waiting and forever
Tempting me with
his words like honey
That drip down my chin onto the
Fading carpet on which
He sits with his hollow eyes
Drilling into my soul.
You are not welcome
To pump my heart with lead
That seeps into my blood and
Threatens to bury me underground.
You are not welcome,
To steal precious moments
Of my dwindling time
Corrupting them with your dirty
words that sound like
Nails being run over a chalk board
Or like the mother that cries
For her lifeless son.
You are not welcome,
You never were,
So stay the fuck away from me.


4 thoughts on “You are not welcome.

  1. What is more important than knowing what you want in life is what you do NOT want in your life. I guess that has been sorted out here 🙂 Jokes apart, liked the description about the constant struggles most of face everyday and people around us will be ignorant of the fact

    Liked by 1 person

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