So weave a golden blanket around your shivering frame my love,
Reach out into the velvet sky and gently string together the stars.
The universe was built to be reflected in your eyes,
Shimmering whirlpools of life and magic telling you that you are safe,
That you are loved by the infinite cosmos that you call your home.
As the planets sing their ancient song that sends you to sleep,
Bathe in the amber glow of the giants that are born to give you life,
Rise into the air on a cloud of shimmering star-dust that tells you stories,
Night after night as you lie in the warm embrace of your cocoon.

You are a million tiny fragments waiting to be composed into a tune,
You are infinite potential pulsating in the darkest of nights,
You are as beautiful as the rising sun that brings the promise of a new day,
You are as mysterious as the silver moon that drives its admirers to insanity.
You are the words “I love you” whispered in a million different tongues,
Carried by a gentle zephyr over miles of rocky terrain and shimmering seas.
You are the depths of the ocean echoing ancient secrets,
You are the ringing laughter of a child as she draws pictures in the clouds.
You are the greatest creation of the universe, one that can never be broken.

So take a deep breath my love and listen to the sound of the rain,
As it gently falls from the heavens sending you a message of peace.
Listen for the singing birds at the break of dawn,
Listen carefully for in their song you can hear an untranslatable truth.
Breath in the air as you stand by the ocean,
Marvel in the truth that this air has travelled the farthest corners of the world.
Feast your eyes on the galaxies that adorn the midnight sky,
For they send you messages from aeons past.
Let your life rush through your veins as you remember that you are in fact,
The centre of the universe.


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