Dear daughter,
One day you will grow tired of the ugly shadows
That lurk around every corner waiting to drench you.
The grotesque formations that have become a common sight,
Will sicken you to the core.
Your lust for beauty will take over your being,
Driving you to the farthest corners of this ugly world.
An insatiable appetite for that which pleases the eye,
For that which sparks flames in your echoing heart.
You will find that beauty on a rainy night,
Torn apart by beams of light screaming through the clouds.
Sneaking out of the house in a skimpy dress covered by a coat,
Promising you’ll be back by ten even though we both know you won’t.
You’ll reach a building filled with strangers you like to call your friends,
Loud music and obnoxious voices fill the smokey air.
Your vision blurred by bottles of amber liquid,
A pleasant humming numbing your mind.
You will find beauty on the other side of the room,
In a glance that lingers for a second longer than is normal.
Somewhere someone protests, a faint whisper of reason,
But this beauty is intoxicating,
A soothing elixir cascading down your throat.
His voice is indescribable, a song from the heavens,
Deep enough that you may drown.
His hands are firm, cool to the touch,
Yet they leave a fire burning in your skin.
His gaze pierces through you, as bright as the sun,
Too bright to look at directly so you look down.
The way he holds you as you dance,
Your waist a delicate crystal too fragile to be pressed.
Or is it disgust? A voice whispers from the back of your mind.
You push it away as your heart tries to escape from its cage.
You can feel his eyes on you as you walk away,
You can hear his steps behind you as you feign escape,
You feel his arms around you and you melt in his embrace.
His beauty is the escape you have craved for what seems like forever,
His beauty is a potent drug that infiltrates your veins.
You know this beauty may not be enough to last you through the night,
Yet you continue this drunken game of jumbled words and heightened breaths.
As the climax nears you feel a mixture of pride and disgust,
Knowing that you are but a pawn in his beautiful game of lust.
The hollow words whispered in the darkness of the night,
Will be all that’s left beside you as he tiptoes away,
Picking up his crumpled shirt from the corner of the room.
You follow his lead, run your hands through your hair
As you muster any pride that you may have left.
Too tired and too intoxicated by his aftermath to fully register the night.
You walk back home, avoiding my gaze as you slam your door.
When the sun rises however, a dull hammer will try to demolish your skull.
Sudden flashes of his eyes will haunt you in the light of day.
Your heart will sink to the floor as he looks away when you approach.
Stuck between a dream and reality you go about your business as usual until,
You see him cast his spell on another,
A girl more beautiful than you.

When this day comes dear daughter,
As it surely will,
I will tell you that the beauty you have been searching for,
Was already found.
I will show you your first painting, of the sun shining down on a flower.
I will play your favourite song, the one that you would dance to,
Everytime it came on the radio.
I will show you the smile on your fathers face when you first learned to walk,
I will remind you that you are the light in our world,
No matter how dark it is in yours.
I will tell you that you are beautiful,
And that you are loved,
And that beautiful boys may not be good for the soul.


9 thoughts on “Beautiful.

    1. Thank you! This is based heavily on something I’ve recently been through and is basically what I wish I was told at the time. Beauty is indeed a rather evil temptress for the young.
      Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you so much for this post! It’s phenomenal! We all girls are just yearn to achieve THAT level of beauty. But we don’t get it, beauty is subjective. And since beauty is subjective, we all are beautiful! Awesome post! Please do check out my blog as well! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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