Why don’t we sit down,
The two of us with our privileged cynicism,
Tracing patterns of smoke on the night sky,
Sending our lungs into mourning.

Why don’t we sit down,
Drown our second-hand sorrow in stolen alcohol,
Rage against the bastards we shall never face.
Formulating elaborate plans under our silken duvet,
Spitting on sidewalks while we go to the grocery store.
Why don’t we sit down,
While a girl of seven is raped by men built of dirt,
And her mother lies unconscious in a corner next to her sister’s violated corpse,
Humiliated even in death.
Why don’t we sit down
And lament about the unfairness of the world,
For an unfair world it is indeed,
A world where we sit and cry,
While the blood of millions flows deeper than the Nile.
Why don’t we sit by the beach and fume in silence,
While ungrown bodies frozen in time wash upon shores.
While a father cries over the corpse of his daughter,
The baby girl he cradled in his arms,
The girl whose name meant life.
Let us ponder the galaxies whilst lost in a haze,
The very same galaxies that shine over monsters,
Dancing around bonfires in the guise of men,
Standing on mountains of mothers and lovers,
All the same in a crimson heap that forms a stairway to heaven.
Why don’t we sit down,
Watch our hands fester before our eyes,
Itching with the need to do something other than type out words of heartbreak.
While broken hearts accompany broken bones which accompany empty stomachs,
Which are all wrapped up in a parcel of skin and bone,
A broken relic swimming to merely stay afloat,
Wishing it could drown.
Why don’t we sit down,
And discuss vaguely intelligent sounding terms,
While a man has the air kicked out of his lungs,
For a crime he did not commit.
A group of men watch with mild interest,
Sipping on tea and exchanging gossip from the tavern.
Why don’t we sit down,
Puff our chests out with pride as we mention in passing,
The dollar we donated for the “needy”,
As men starving on sidewalks laugh through their bloodied teeth,
Because those who have seen the night,
Seen life being stamped out by life itself,
Seen mothers drowning to form rafters for their sons,
Seen young boys who wanted to become astronauts become murderers instead,
They are the ones who know,
That we are the needy, disillusioned, imbeciles,
Crying in a bubble,
Floating through a galaxy of needles.


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