I told you I needed to see the world,

Savour life while I was young,

You smiled and waved and wished me luck,

“I’ll wait for your return.”

So I set sail on a wooden crate, hope acting as my oar,

Carried by waves towards the sun,

As you faded with the shore.

I fell in love with burning stars,

Night after cloudless night,

And every morning my heart would sink,

Without your warm eyes meeting mine.

So I wrote you a letter for every day,

I dreamt alone at night

It filled the empty void you left,

As I crossed the oceans wide.

I would tell you of the bright-eyed boy,

Whose laugh was just like yours,

Or the field of daisies in which I lay,

As the sunset warmed my soul.

I wrote down all the little things,

That brought me back to you,

And every night I spoke to the stars,

Hoping you were speaking too.

I drew pictures of the misty peaks,

Standing proud against the sky,

I told you how I felt so small,

And hoped that you were doing fine.

In strangers lands I wandered till,

My feet bled to the soil,

Then I would sit on beds of grass,

And tell you about it all.

Months had passed, perhaps years since,

Your arms had warmed my skin,

So I packed my bags and made my way,

To where my heart had been.

I clambered over mountains high,

Crawled through valleys low,

Till I set foot on native soil,

And waited by your door.

I waited till the stars came out,

To be covered by the clouds,

I waited till they disappeared,

And the sun came beating down.

I called your name for hours on end,

Whispered a broken prayer,

Until a pair of pitying eyes,

Told me you were no longer there.

You tried to wait, I was informed,

But your demons grew too strong,

You fought your battles in silence till,

They convinced you I had gone.

Piece by piece you ripped me out,

Until I was no more,

Than a faded imprint of what could have been,

And then you locked your door.

I wrote a letter for every day,

I wished you by my side.

But now you’re gone and they have won,

So I’ll leave them here to die.


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