Our humble origins lay in darkness,
Unstirring, yet somehow brimming with life.
An infinite curtain suddenly parted,
To let in gleaming shards of light.

Here our epic saga begins,
A journey of joy and sorrow combined,
Words drifted down from the heavens above,
And Day came and vanquished the reign of the Night.

Fragments from the farthest reaches of the cosmos,
Drawn together by forces hitherto unknown,
Came to be one awe-inspiring mass,
That today has been given the title of “Home.”

Green interspersed by shades of brown,
Raindrops coalesced to form oceans wide,
Cold mother Earth being given new form,
Life grew limbs and earth grew life.

Thoughts carried far by breezes gentle,
Flames rose high before frightened eyes,
The eyes which drank every sight to behold,
And studied the stars peppering velvet night skies.

The sun would rise to new horizons,
Rapidly changed by the morning light,
Green to brown and brown to gray,
Skylines proclaiming the extent of their might.

Ancient peaks watched silent as the new-born grew,
Intoxicated by the sheer power they held,
Building yet breaking in one swift motion,
Millions of fools playing God to build hell.

Those who thought different averted their gaze,
Believing the unseen to be an old wives’ tale,
While the poor blinded fools continued to carve,
Their names in the sand before high-tide came.

The once young earth now begged for release,
Sending out its cry to all who would hear,
And slowly but surely its voice was heard,
Even by those who had once turned a deaf ear.

A murmur began to rise, quiet at first,
Drowned out by cries of sorrow and pain,
Yet soon its melody reigned in the fools,
Whose hearts had begun to wander astray.

Centuries of mistakes finally took their toll,
And those who cared proclaimed, “It has been enough!”
Fool me once, shame on you,
Fool me twice and we’re all the foolish ones.

Together they rose, hand in hand,
Hearts united by a need for change.
Caste, creed or colour played no role,
In this brand new world that was born due to hate.

As the days passed, young hearts had now grown,
Tempered by their youth of hatred and lies.
Each new day would herald a better world,
Where the stars would shine and the sun would rise.


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