I have always been a precocious child, or so I’ve been told. Hence it should come as no surprise that at the tender age of eight, a nagging doubt was sown in my mind. What doubt you ask? Well to put it simply, I had begun to acknowledge the futility of human existence.

As you might have inferred, I never really had the time for the frivolous. Now picture this, a rather lanky Indian girl with a fringe as straight as Arnold Schwarzenegger, trying her best to blend in a crowd of pale Scotsmen. I’ve never really been one for the spotlight. If there’s one thing I have learned however, from my short seventeen (going on eighteen) years on this planet, it is that I prefer to lurk around in the shadows. Observing and passing witty comments that only I shall ever laugh at. In spite of my endless hours of solitude and contemplation, I haven’t quite managed to arrive at the answer of the universe yet. My hypothesis however, is that there simply isn’t one. (Answer to the universe I mean.) Some great man must have once said, the seemingly most difficult questions always have the simplest answers. As unconvincing as this conjecture may seem to most, it is rather terrifying in all of its simplicity.

Billions of years of evolution and creation have led to the formation of human consciousness, invention of writing, development of technology and finally you reading these words. What if that is all there is to it? What if we are but mere goldfish, swimming in circles all day and rejoicing in our distorted view of the universe?

If I plotted a graph for advancement versus time, we would see that as time tended towards infinity, the slope of the advancement curve would tend towards zero. For those who loathe mathematics, this basically means that as time continues to hurl on at its unforgiving pace, advancement won’t be able to keep up.  Thus there will come a time when advancement will throw in the towel and decide to go rest at that nice little roadside pub it passed.

As much as we may be advancing at this very moment, there has to be a limit to discovery. At some point in the very distant future every tune will have been synthesised, every combination of words penned down, every assortment of colours painted. When that time comes, there will be only one question on the mind of every creature with the ability to think, “What next?”

When that time comes, what will have been the point of us ever existing? What purpose will our endless stream of tears, laughter, heartbreak and joy have served? Will my writing down these words ever bear tangible fruit? Will your reading these words ever lead to a startling paradigm shifting revelation? Well then what’s the point? What could possibly be the purpose of a speck of dust floating in the galaxy?

If you were expecting an even semi-decent answer, you are about to be severely disappointed. If I did have the answer to life, I probably wouldn’t be sitting in the dark at three in the night, typing away like a mad person. Or perhaps I would have. Regardless, it should suffice to say I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what I’m doing here right now. At this very moment, I can only be considered a living breathing organism, cursed with the blessing of thought, trying to simultaneously grapple with reality and survive.

I too, will live the remainder of my days wallowing in the mundane. I along with the seven billion other people on this planet will continue to produce carbon dioxide at an alarming rate.  Until that is, some top secret and incredibly advanced computer manages to churn out the answer to the galaxy. That answer may be an intricate never ending equation, it may be a higher being sitting on a throne made of stars and laughing at us all. It may even be as simple as the number 42. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope it gets lost in the massive stream of terabytes stored in its internal hardware. Now before you indignantly leave this page calling me a bumbling idiot, let me explain. Once we know the answer to life, we will truly lose all purpose of being. Not to mention people like me will starve due to a lack of intellectual fodder. Let’s not even go to the wars that will break out among atheists and believers. So, for the time being, let us all revel in our ignorance. Let us all continue to be awed by the most insignificant things, be it a sunset, the cry of a new born or even a kind word. Let us live, laugh, love and of course keep calm, safe in the knowledge that we really don’t need to know it all.

Welcome to my world.



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  1. Wow. Two points.

    One, what you’re saying is like – the Nutella cake is going to get eaten anyway, why bother being a speck of flour?

    Two, we might just be a tad bit lot similar in our mental ages.

    Also, I’m Indian too!

    Yay for us?


  2. Okay, wow. Nice “about me” post. I’m not sure if I like that or the fact the first guy to comment here was trying to hit on you…

    Anyways, interested view of the meaning of life. You are a talented writer. Keep it up.

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  3. I really hope that the answer isn’t 42, I’d be so disappointed. I would be demanding a refund immediately. I can’t handle even numbers, they don’t seem right. If the answer was a number then I’m fairly certain it will be an odd number, (but not an odd number that ends in 5, I have a theory that 5 is an even number in disguise, it just seems to be very practical and convenient, anyway I’ll leave that for another day… I also have my suspicions about the number 3 but… Ooopss… Sorry) If the answer was a number then I’m fairly certain it will probably be one of either 37 or 39. But I doubt the answer will be numerical, although that thought won’t comfort me when I can’t sleep for worrying about the number 42.
    Anyway, I digress… but you digressed first so I can’t take all the blame.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and following me, if your ‘About’ page is anything to go by then I’m looking forward to reading your blog. You make me feel a bit guilty as regards my ‘About’ page, all it’s got is a picture of some flowers from my garden and then some writing that says I’ll do this page at a later date… oh also there’s a pic of James Brown dancing (But he’s not from my garden, just the flowers).
    I think I may have digressed again, I shall finish now before I start wandering into many different unrelated subjects. Thank you once again for the follow.
    I am intrigued about the ‘Pale Scotsman’ comment as I myself live in Scotland (But I’m English… Shhh, don’t tell anyone) but I’ll have to find out about that another time. Right now all I can think about is the number 42 and what it is up to.
    Have fun, bye for now.


    1. Haha, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I saw your poem on the Escher picture and was immediately intrigued enough to hit the follow button. 🙂
      As for “42” it’s actually from this lovely book, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy so I can’t take all the credit for distressing you.
      As for the “pale Scotsmen ” I lived in Edinburgh at one point so that’s why they appeared in my about page and needless to say, your secret is safe with me. 🙂
      Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment, hope you have a good day. 🙂


  4. Hi! You’ve got a great a great blog! I’m usually not much for poems as the ones who don’t really rhyme but yours are very good! I follow many other bloggers from India and they always seem to have some of the best blogs! Must be genetic, I think… 😉

    Your “About page” was very entertaining as well. 🙂 Love the design and you got another follower!

    If you want, I would love for you to check out my blog! I discuss many things and I do my own rhyming/lyrical poems as well. whatiliketodobysteve.wordpress.com

    Best Wishes!

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    1. AnElephantCan’t,
      Or perhaps even can,
      Imagine the wonders,
      Enclosed in my hand.
      Welcome to my world,
      Please enjoy your stay,
      Mad, sad or even glad,
      For you we’ll find a place.


  5. Hi. 🙂
    I’m yet to blog-stalk you, but whatever I’ve read, you’re brilliant. I feel like I should just delete my blog (or definitely up my game). I loved each and every post I’ve had the pleasure to read.
    Also, we need to be best friends starting now, stranger on the internet. We have similar brain waves (or some such nonsense.)

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    1. Oh, also. If you’ve not yet, please go watch The Man from Earth. It’s a brilliant movie, and it’s got me thinking about everything I believe in- science, the Universe, and the lot. Probably would answer some of your questions. (Or definitely make you ask more of them, which is a good thing.)


    2. Haha, I highly doubt I’m unworthy of such extravagant praise but I shall accept it without complaint. :3 Thank you for taking out the time to read my blog becuase I’ve read a couple of your pieces and enjoyed them thoroughly so do NOT give it up. Also let’s, similar wavelengths are so hard to find.


    1. I cannot express how humbling it is, that you chose to nominate my blog for this award. This website has exposed me to so many different opinions, each beautiful in their own unique way and I fear I will not be able to pick a mere handful for this award. I will try my best however, even though my best shall probably be found wanting. Thank you for your nomination, it means a lot.

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  6. Don’t worry, if we find the answer to it all, we have all the fun of having to interpret it to suit our political masters. There will still be a place for nerd philosophers and tired writers in the new world.

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      1. Ha unlikely, we’ll only fight over it. No it’s my answer, how dare you, I claimed this answer in the name of God, but it says he’s not real, that’s what he wants you to think heathen, can’t we all just get along, no!!!

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  7. Great post. My favorite line: ” For those who loathe mathematics, this basically means that as time continues to hurl on at its unforgiving pace, advancement won’t be able to keep up. Thus there will come a time when advancement will throw in the towel and decide to go rest at that nice little roadside pub it passed.”

    I suspect that’s very much true. I ponder along such lines and try not to freak out too much. Right now, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, and that’s enough. I must say, though, since I’ll turn 42 this year, I fully plan going around claiming that I’m the answer to life.

    I look forward to reading more. Hope you’re well.

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  8. Okay. Hey!

    Wonderful Blog you’ve got.
    Would be spending some time here I guess.

    Also, on what you wrote;

    Do you think that maybe there isn’t a reason for our existence?
    We are,you know, just there.

    I am more inclined to believe that Everything doesn’t happen for a reason.
    What about you?

    P.S Cheesy. Yay or Nay?

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    1. Thank you so much!
      About what you said, sometimes I do feel that way, however it’s not a particularly comforting thought.
      If everything is random, it makes existence seem a bit futile right?
      It’s a topic I like to debate often though.
      And of course, thank you for the read 🙂


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